Who do we impact for best results and how do we do it?

Concentrate your promotion efforts by advertising to consumers where the probability of conversion is higher, and impact them Instore when they are just about to make a purchasing decision.

The smart wave

Machine Learning for smart Instore advertising

Big Data

New sources of data, from WiFi log files and transaction information, to social media metrics, present new opportunities. Harness this big data to understand customers deeply and impact them with meaningful promotions and offers.

Predictive Analytics

Use predictive analytics to drive customer-centric promotions that optimize marketing spend based on purchasing behavior, price sensitivity and likelihood to buy.

Digital Promotions

Launch promotions targeting distinct clustering personas to maximize conversions.

A/B Testing

Run real time digital experiments to isolate the influence of specific InStore digital media (captive portal, website, beacons, AR, SMS, email).

Conversion Monitoring

Measure promotion results and visualize your Return on Investment in real time.

Reinforcement Learning

Let machine learning leverage hidden patterns and similarities in the data to accurately predict the best next promotions.

Price Elasticity of Demand

Measure responsiveness of the quantity demanded on your products to a change in its price. Select promotions with higher elasticities (or sensitivities) for short term advertising effects.


Let our clustering algorithms discover customer personas based on promotion elasticity of demand, and use these clusters to differentiate and optimize your promotions.

Smart Retargeting

Attract, engage and drive consumer conversions with AI and location based retargeting. Impact target customers via social media, email, SMS, SharedFi and other third party networks.

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